Story Planner Features

Discover everything you can do with this app


Project Organizer

All your projects ideas always at hand

With Story Planner, you can create as many projects as you want, and sort and organize them as you like, so that you always have them on you and can access them from any of your devices.


Complete Outline

A complete summary of all your stories

The app allows you to take notes and plan your writing projects from the first idea to the writing of the first draft. We help you shape your ideas, step by step.


Character Lists

Create and organize your characters

Create as many characters as you want and organize them as you like, so that you can see all of your story’s protagonists at once.


Character Cards

Each character with their own card

All of your characters will have their own profile which includes a photo, age, description, plot objectives, evolution... so that your story doesn’t lack a single detail.


Location Lists

Create and organize the locations in your story

Create as many locations as you want and organize them as you like. Each location will have its own profile, where you can add details and a photograph.


Plot Lists

Organize all of your story’s plot lines

Story Planner also has a place for plots and subplots. You can create as many as you need and then link them with the scenes of your story.


Plot Colors

Give each plot line the color you want

Give each plot line a color so that you can identify them better when you see the full list of scenes, and analyze your planning at a glance.


Structure Using Acts and Scenes

The definitive outline for your stories

The best way to plan a story is with a good structure. Story Planner allows you to create as many scenes and acts as you want to complete your story.


Scene Cards

Each scene with its own card

In Story Planner, each scene has its own profile, where you can define the characters who participate in it, locations, time and date, intensity, type of scene...


Color your Scenes

Organize your scenes by plot lines and colors

Mark which plot or subplot each scene pertains to and your preferred color will be applied to it, so you can better understand your story at a glance.


Scene Reorganizer

Move your scenes wherever you prefer

The app also allows you to easily reorganize scenes. Push a button and delete or move them to a new place, as if you were working with file folders, but much easier!



Your story’s complete statistics

Want to know if you’re doing well? Story Planner offers you complete statistics which will tell you how long your story lasts, how many characters appear and when, plot lines, locations...


Templates for any Project

Duplicate projects to create templates

You can duplicate any of your projects with a single click. Create templates of your projects and duplicate them to start a new script or new volume in your series of novels. It couldn’t be easier!



Your projects in your preferred format

When you’re ready to write your novel or script, export the project (in full or in parts) in your preferred format: pdf, docx, txt, rtf...


Compatible with Scrivener

Export your projects to Scrivener

If you want, you can also export your projects directly to a Scrivener file and start working on your draft in the program. This feature is only available for iOS and Mac.


Compatible with Final Draft

Export your projects to Final Draft

Both the iOS and Android versions are compatible with the Final Draft screenwriting program, which means you can export your projects and work on them directly from the program.



Your projects on all your devices

If you have the app on iOS or Mac, you can sync your projects via iCloud and always have them available and updated.



Secure your projects with a backup

The iOS and Mac versions of the app also allow you to export and import backups, so your projects are always safe.